Picture of Melody Pure Black 101

Melody Pure Black 101

Stereo Tube Preamplifier

The Melody Pure Black 101 preamplifier is the fourth generation of the hit product that began as the SHW1688. This revision introduces a remote volume control and features upgraded internal parts quality. Immediately recognizeable by its unique 101D tubes and Melody’s signature “dripping wet” lacquer finish, it represents one of the most natural, organic sounding preamps money can buy.


"It’s not an integrated amplifier. I’d feel compelled to call it the mother of all preamps, call it one hammer of a valve pre, replete with output transformers that would make most amps proud, plus absolutely massive paper-in-oil Aerovox and Jensen pure copper-foil coupling capacitors."  Srajan Ebaen, 6moons.com

"When I listened to it I kept getting images in my mind that it was producing the sonic equivalent of pure flowing water.Doug Schroeder, Dagogo

"This is first for me; never before have I plugged a review component in my reference system and heard such a dramatic and positive transformation."  Ron Nagle, EnjoyTheMusic.com (full review)





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