Picture of Onix Speaker Stands

Onix Speaker Stands

Speaker Stand Pair

These stylish new stands offer a rock solid platform for your speakers.  They are cut out of sold MDF and have a steel plate sandwiched in the base to provide extra stability.  They also come with a set of brass spikes for superior isolation as well as adjustability on uneven surfaces.


Note: we are out of the Piano Black version and there is only a single open box pair of the Satin Black left. (Bravo sized top)  Call or email for a combo deal on the stands and the Bravo bookshelf speakers as a set.  Look for a new 28" version with top plates cut to the size of the new ACA Trinity, as well as a center channel stand for the Trinity-C to be available soon.  These will be branded ACA and continue to be available after we stop carrying other Onix products.

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